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Intersection - overlap max (IN_ov_ma)
Intersection - strict (IN_st)
MajorityVoting - strict (MA_st)
Threshold - strict (TH_st)

threshold: 50%
Union - simple (UN_si)
Annotation Server 1 (AS1)
Institute of Information Science Academia Sinica/Adaptive Intelligent Internet Agents Research Laboratory

weight: 5
Annotation Server 2 (AS2)
Institute of Information Science, Taiwan

weight: 5
Annotation Server 5 (AS5)
Center for Computational Pharmacology, University of Colorado School of Medicine

weight: 5
Annotation Server 6 (AS6)
University of Edinburgh

weight: 5
Annotation Server 12 (AS12)
University of Geneva

weight: 5
Annotation Server 13 (AS13)
University of Tokyo/Tsujii-lab and Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

weight: 5
color codes: strict · overlap · left boundary match · right boundary match · either boundary match
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PMID: none
Gene Mentions

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Welcome to BC-VisCon

Goal of the BC-VisCon website is to provide you with an intuitive and flexible tool for viewing and analyzing aggregations and comparisons of the annotations made by the gene mention tagging servers connected to the BioCreAtIve-MetaServer.

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